Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto emphasized that the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is not under the Ministry of Defense.

"No, (BIN) is not under the Ministry of Defense. (The Ministry of Defense) was ordered by the president to become some kind of coordinator to help the president to make the assessment," Prabowo told journalists in Menteng, Central Jakarta on Monday.

This statement was Prabowo's response while alluding to the issue of BIN being under the Ministry of Defense.

He clarified that the Ministry of Defense only functions as a coordinator to orchestrate the information obtained and report it to the president and to be assessed and to determine the direction of the next policy.

Thus, the government can prepare appropriate policies according to the information obtained.

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Based on the earlier report, President Joko Widodo, in his directive while opening the meeting of the Ministry of Defense in Jakarta, Wednesday (Jan 18), stated that the Ministry of Defense should be able to orchestrate defense and security intelligence information that has been carried out by BIN, Indonesian Military, National Police, to the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN).

Jokowi urged the ministry to orchestrate intelligence information in various agencies and institutions to become unified and solid information for the benefit of formulating pertinent policies or at least come close to the correct one.

"It must be orchestrated, so that it becomes solid information. Each piece of information is given to us to develop a policy and that is the conclusion," Jokowi remarked.

"Thus, when we decide on a policy. We decided that the policy is correct or at least close to being correct, so the work steps must be preventive first. '(For example) Be careful, this will happen, it might happen like this'. Do not tell me when it already happened. Intelligence information is very vital," Jokowi stated at the time.

After giving directives at the opening of the 2023 Ministry of Defense’s Meeting, the president also inaugurated the naming of a domestically produced tactical vehicle as "Maung" in the complex of the Ministry of Defense.

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