Central Bengkulu, Bengkulu (ANTARA) - The Bengkulu provincial government has distributed 1.6 tons of rice, 1.6 tons of sugar, and 1.6 tons of flour as food assistance to flood-affected residents in Central Bengkulu District.

The funds for the food assistance were sourced from the emergency funds of the Bengkulu Social Office.

The region hit the hardest by the recent floods has been Central Bengkulu district, where many villages have been flooded, the Regional Secretary of Bengkulu Province, Hamka Sabri, said here on Monday.

"Disaster handling emergency assistance has been carried out by providing logistics to the Central Bengkulu district area, led directly by Bengkulu Governor Rohidin Mersyah," he informed.

He said that the assistance for flood victims has been concentrated in the Central Bengkulu district area to make its arrangement, distribution, and accountability for its distribution transparent.

The governor has also deployed a team led directly by the head of the Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Office and the head of the Environment and Forestry Office (DLHK) to investigate the cause of the floods at the river source.

"The governor has formed two teams: the first team is for disaster handling emergency assistance for distributing logistics and the second team is the one that is investigating the cause of the floods at the river source," Sabri explained.

He said that the investigation team is being assisted by the National Development Planning Agency and mine inspectors.

Floods that hit Central Bengkulu district inundated hundreds of homes in the district as well as a road leading to Kepahiang district in Taba Terunjam village. In addition, a bridge connecting Taba Baru village and Surau village nearly collapsed in the floods.

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