…food to prevent stunting does not need to be expensive. Eggs are enough; moringa leaves are good.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) asked the community to improve awareness on local foods at the commemoration of the 63rd National Nutrition Day.

"I think interpreting National Nutrition Day as a time to improve education is very important. Thus, a change in eating pattern is crucial," BKKBN Head Hasto Wardoyo said here on Wednesday.

According to him, efforts to prevent stunting in children do not necessarily require the use of expensive foods.

Wardoyo said that from a financial perspective, many families in Indonesia live sufficiently well and have access to healthy foods that can meet their children's needs for micronutrients and balanced nutrition.

Unfortunately, many people still do not understand this. People have differences in knowledge regarding the management of healthy food menus according to the set standard and adjusting them to the children’s age.

A lack of literacy on this matter is indicated by parents offering fast foods such as junk foods or processed foods to children, he noted.

Meanwhile, given the country's abundant food resources, communities are expected to make the most of the local foods around them.

"Actually, food to prevent stunting does not need to be expensive. Eggs are enough; moringa leaves are good. The fish does not have to be tuna, expensive fish," he pointed out.

He advised people to buy cheaper fish, instead, for example, kembung (Rastrelliger Spp) fish that contains a nutrient called DHA and Omega-3.

He also asked mothers to learn to cook complementary foods at home. He said that this could help mothers prevent children from consuming unhealthy foods and reduce spending on fast foods, which affects a family's economy.

Mothers can learn to make soft-textured complementary foods for babies aged 7–8 months or chopped-up foods for one-year-olds

The BKKBN head said he hoped that families would view National Nutrition Day as an important day for children and realize the importance of improving knowledge on the provision of nutrition and parenting for children.

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