Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta Health Service advises the public to use non-drug therapy as an initial line of treatment to prevent acute kidney disease in the capital city.

"Patients do not have to take medicine. We can do non-drug therapy first or use powder medicine," Head of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Immunization Department of the Jakarta Health Service Ngabila Salama remarked in Jakarta, Monday.

Salama explained that if babies or toddlers suffer from fever, cold, and cough, then it is usually caused by a viral infection and can recover on their own without any medication.

She explained that non-drug therapy includes sufficient intake of food and liquids as well as adequate rest as one of the keys.

Even so, under certain conditions, Salama advises the people to not be hasty in becoming anti-drug in their approach.

"Even if you take medicine again, make sure that it is according to the doctor's prescription and recommendations, either powder or syrup," she stated.

She suggested the community to monitor the child's symptoms after being given the drug. If the condition does not improve or come with additional symptoms, then it is necessary to watch out for the drug's side effects.

These additional symptoms include reduced urine production or not urinating at all despite the child having sufficient water intake.

If these conditions occur, Salama advises the parents to immediately bring the child to a doctor or health facility.

Earlier, the Indonesian Health Ministry had reported the findings of a new case of acute kidney failure, with one confirmed case and one suspected case.

The ministry's spokesperson, Mohammad Syahril, stated that the two cases were recorded in Jakarta, of which one confirmed case had died.

Acute kidney failure cases had earlier been reported in Indonesia, with the count reaching 324, and the figure had decreased since November 2022.

Of the hundreds of cases, Syahril noted that the most reported cases were in Jakarta, reaching 47 people, who had dead, and 32 people that had made a recovery, with the total case count in Jakarta, as of November 15, 2022, reaching 83.

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