It is what we interpret that we can use elections as a means to integrate the nation.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The General Election Commission (KPU), political parties who will participate in the 2024 General Elections, and related stakeholders have made a joint declaration on ‘Election as a Means to Unite the Nation.’

The declaration was led by chairperson of the KPU, Hasyim Asy’ari, at KPU headquarters here on Tuesday.

"Let's read the declaration of a joint commitment together as election organizers, participants, and stakeholders to achieve a peaceful and democratic election with integrity," he said.

The simultaneous implementation of the presidential election, regional head elections, as well as central and regional legislative member elections in 2024 aims to unify the nation, he added.

"(Political) choices may be different and contradictory. Opponents in politics may change. There are no permanent friends and foes in elections,” the KPU head stated.

Hence, all parties are aware that elections may become a stage for achieving or defending their political power, he added.

“(However) at some point, each of us will look for coalitions and friends in (an attempt to win) the elections. It is what we interpret that we can use elections as a means to integrate the nation," he added.

The declaration consisted of several points. First, all election organizers, participants, and stakeholders stated their commitment to using the 2024 elections as a means to unite the nation.

Second, they agreed to conduct the elections based on direct, general, free, confidential, honest, and fair principles.

Third, they agreed to strive to conduct the 2024 General Elections with integrity and assume responsibility for the process and results.

In addition, they committed to implementing the elections to promote general welfare and educate the nation's life.

The general elections are scheduled to be conducted on February 14, 2024. The elections will be participated by 18 national political parties and 6 local political parties.

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Translator: Tri Ameliya, Uyu Liman
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