I hope all religious believers, regardless of their religion, can disseminate these narratives (on religious harmony).
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas has urged all ranks of his ministry to devise and implement innovative programs that focus on resolving the community’s religious problems.

"Work faster, clearer, more precisely, and more measurably. When a (social) conflict arises, for instance, the (forced) dismissal of church services in Lampung province, do what is necessary to minimize such religious-based conflicts," he said, according to a press release issued on Tuesday.

He made the statement while inaugurating the “2023 National Working Meeting of the Directorate General of Christian Community Guidance” here on Monday (February 27, 2023) evening.

Furthermore, he noted that the construction of places of worship also often becomes a cause for conflict.

Dialogue between related parties is strongly needed to solve such problems, the minister emphasized.

He then asked all officers of community guidance directorate generals to bolster the dissemination of the Joint Ministerial Regulation (PBM) of the Religious Affairs Minister and the Home Affairs Minister Number 9/8 of 2006.

“In principle, we should not complicate the establishment of places of worship. This regulation should make it (the establishment of such facilities) easier, not making it more difficult,” he remarked.

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The regulation contains guidance for the heads and deputy heads of local governments on maintaining religious harmony, empowering harmonious religious forums, as well as establishing worship places.

Qoumas also asked the director general of Christian community guidance, Jeane Marie Tulung, to hold more discussions with other director generals to resolve the conflicts caused by the construction of places of worship.

The more religious someone is, the more tolerant they should be with the people around them because they understand that God has created humans with various backgrounds, the minister said.

"I hope all religious believers, regardless of their religion, can disseminate these narratives (on religious harmony)," he added.

In addition, he lauded a number of programs designed by the Directorate General of Christian Community Guidance, especially the plan to establish a Cyber Christian University.

He said he expected the program to become a solution to various religious problems that rise among Christians.

"This is a good initiative and I will support it until it is realized," Qoumas added.

However, he emphasized that a good program is one that can be implemented optimally, thus, he asked his ranks to focus on establishing important programs, which are certain to be realized successfully.

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