Pangkalpinang (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) of Indonesia has assessed that PT Timah Tbk succeeded in conducting rehabilitation of the Tuing watershed in Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands.

The state-owned tin company had planted trees for rehabilitation of the Tuing watershed covering an area of 197.7 hectares, with a success rate of 89.95 percent, Director General of Watershed Management and Forest Rehabilitation of KLHK Dyah Murtiningsih noted in a press statement received here, Thursday.

She remarked that rehabilitation of the watershed is an obligation of Borrow-to-Use Forest Area Permit (IPPKH) owners and Timah, as the holder of IPPKH, to hand over the results of rehabilitation of the Tuing Watershed in Bangka Regency by planting pelawan, cajuput, cashew, ketapang, sea cypress, and mango.

Watershed rehabilitation is an effort to protect forest ecosystems. It also aims to support the government's target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and towards achieving net zero emissions by 2060.

"Rehabilitation activities are not only for ecological purposes but must also be balanced with the ecological function of restoring forest areas and ecosystems in addition to providing economic benefits to the people in forest areas," she stated.

She also lauded IPPKH holders that had fulfilled their obligations to conduct watershed rehabilitation. In future, she expressed optimism that the forest that had been planted would be maintained together.

"Thank you for carrying out your obligations, and there are still several companies that have not completed their obligations. The forest is sustainable, the ecosystem is back again, and the people around the forest are also happy because they are involved and have an economic impact on the community," she stated.

General Manager of Timah Ahmad Syamhadi remarked that his company planted trees for watershed rehabilitation spanning an area of 197.7 hectares, with a success rate of 89.9 percent.

"The success rate of 89.9 percent in planting for watershed restoration is considered very good," he stated.

He elaborated that the Ministerial Regulations of Environment and Forestry (Permen LHK) Number P.5 2019 stipulates that the success rate in growing plants of at least 75 percent from the initial planting is considered to be quite good.

"The success in planting under the framework of the obligation to rehabilitate the watershed is evaluated in an integrated manner by an assessment team consisting of elements from the Watershed and Protected Forest Management Office, the Provincial Service in charge of Forestry, and area stakeholders/managers," he stated.

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