Jakarta (ANTARA) - Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno has urged foreign tourists to comply with all laws, regulations, and existing norms while on vacation in Indonesia.

"We are very open to foreign tourists but they must comply with all laws, regulations, and all existing norms in Indonesia," he stressed during the “Weekly Brief with Sandi Uno,” which was followed from Jakarta on Monday.

The minister also reminded business actors in Bali who are operating motorcycle rental businesses to remind their consumers to comply with traffic regulations, including not changing the license plates of rented motorbikes as some tourists did in Bali.

According to him, business owners who do not comply or fail to convince their consumers to follow the law must be given social sanctions.

"We will coordinate this matter with the Bali Tourism Board and the Bali Tourism and Creative Economy Service. We will prepare a task force decree regarding the handling of the tourism situation in Bali in the context of tourist activities. This will certainly have an impact on quality tourism," he emphasized.

He informed that his ministry will socialize the dos and don'ts for foreign tourists in Bali and reminded them to maintain and respect religious norms, customs, culture, and values of life that exist in the local community.

If these efforts are not heeded, then his ministry will repatriate tourists who often violate Indonesian laws by reporting them to the embassies of the relevant countries and taking the deportation route as a firm step.

He informed that foreign tourists' misbehavior has an impact on quality tourism because other tourists would also be very disturbed by the irresponsible behaviors of tourists who break the law.

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Translator: Sinta Ambarwati, Resinta S
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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