We will establish a (mobile) app later. Thus, people can easily know the locations of the workshops to do the conversion.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry has announced several requirements for the community to obtain assistance on the fuel-based motorcycle into electric motorbike conversion program.

“The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry is ready to distribute government assistance on the KBLBB (battery-based electric motorized vehicle) program, especially for the (conventional motorcycle) conversion program,” Secretary General of the ministry Rida Mulyana stated here on Monday.

During a press conference regarding the KBLBB incentives, he emphasized that only roadworthy two-wheeled vehicles were allowed to receive assistance in the conversion program, so he urged the public to not convert any broken motorbike.

“Regarding the CC (the capacity of the engine of the motorbike), it is between 110 to 150cc (cubic centimeters). Thus, motorcycles, with large engine capacity, (such as cruiser motorcycles and muscle motorbikes) are not included (in the conversion assistance program)," he remarked.

Furthermore, the ministry’s secretary general emphasized that owners of motorcycles should hold complete legal documents and licenses, such as vehicle registration certificates (STNK).

The identity of the owner of the vehicle’s license plate in STNK must match with the data on the Identity (ID) Card of the person, who registers for the assistance program, in order to prevent misuse of aid, he explained.

“If the person has two motorbikes, currently, only one of the vehicles is allowed to receive the assistance. Thus, the assistance can be disbursed evenly to others,” he noted.

Furthermore, Mulyana remarked that the assistance will only be given to motorcycles that get converted in a certified workshop.

"The certificate (of the workshop) has been issued by the Transportation Ministry. We will establish a (mobile) app later. Thus, people can easily know the locations of the workshops to do the conversion," he elaborated.

Earlier, the government had declared that it would provide assistance of Rp7 million (US$455.21) per unit as incentive for encouraging the development of the KBLBB ecosystem in Indonesia.

The government is targeting to provide the assistance to 250 thousand motorbikes in 2023, comprising 200 thousand units of newly purchased electric motorcycles as well as 50 thousand units of the converted conventional motorcycles.

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