Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Indonesia stated that the upcoming elections in Kazakhstan will mark another important milestone in the development of democracy in the country.

"The upcoming elections will mark another important milestone in the development of Kazakhstan's democracy," Counselor of the Kazakhstan Embassy Kazbek Bokebayev stated at a press conference here on Friday.

The elections to be held in Kazakhstan on March 19, 2023, will determine the members of the lower house of parliament (Mazhilis) and regional representative bodies (maslikhats).

The elections will be held 12 months after the riots that erupted in January 2022 that left 238 people dead, including 19 police and soldiers.

Counselor Bokebayev said many were unsure whether the country would recover after the unrest.

However, through significant political, social, and economic initiatives, the country managed to overcome these obstacles.

"In addition to demonstrating our resilience and stability, we have transformed our country through significant political and socio-economic initiatives," the counselor stated.

The elections will not drastically change Kazakhstan but will contribute to the creation of a just, prosperous society and a more vibrant, dynamic, and competitive political system, he remarked.

"Such a country will become a stronger and more committed partner of cooperation for the international community," he stated.

In the meantime, the world also continues to face growing geopolitical and economic challenges.

Bokebayev believes a stable and developing Kazakhstan will benefit not only its own people but also the entire region and beyond.

"Our political reforms, supported by competitive elections, are the foundation that will ensure our stability and continue to build our future," Bokebayev stated.

A total of seven political parties and candidates in single-member electoral districts will compete for 98 seats in Mazhilis and 3,415 seats in Maslikhat.

The election will also be attended by 800 international observers and 250 foreign journalists to ensure openness and transparency during the election campaign and the voting day.

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