Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture accentuated the importance of parents being role models as the main key to building children's character.

"Exemplary parents are essential to support the formation of children's positive character," Acting deputy for the coordination of children, women, and youth's quality improvement at the ministry, Didik Suhardi, remarked here on Thursday.

Suhardi explained that parents exhibiting good behavior is more effective than giving advice to children.

"Good examples are more meaningful than words of advice. Children will mimic the examples shown by parents through daily behavior," he stated.

He elaborated that parents can foster a social spirit in children by involving them in social activities.

"Especially during this Ramadan month, parents can set an example by inviting children to share food with others to break their fast," he remarked.

Suhardi stated that parents, by setting good examples, make efforts to build children's character from an early age to run optimally.

"Take advantage of the momentum offered through the Ramadan holy month to improve communication among family members and provide good examples to support children's character development," Suhardi remarked.

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Meanwhile, family psychologist Ketti Murtini stated that the role of the family, especially parents, is highly influential in the growth and development process of a child.

Murtini emphasized the need for parents to increase their ability in order to become figures or role models for children to learn about good conduct.

"In order to become role models, parents must exhibit good conduct and be full of love that is manifested in their attitudes and daily lives. Love that can be felt by children and all family members," she stated.

The ministry's Deputy for Education Quality Improvement and Religious Moderation, Warsito, noted that four aspects -- school environment, family environment, community environment, and virtual or digital world environment -- can affect the development of children's character.

Suhardi said collaboration between schools, families, and the community is the key to instilling character values in children or students.

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