Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry launched an e-booklet titled "Explore Indonesia's Mosques During Eid Holiday #TravelinIndonesia" to welcome Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijri and support domestic tourism.

The e-booklet launch aligned with the increasing mobility of tourists during the Eid holiday period that is expected to reach 125 million-130 million movements, the ministry's deputy of tourism products and events Vinsensius Jemadu stated here on Tuesday.

Jemadu remarked that the e-booklet, part of the "Proud to Travel in Indonesia" campaign, is aimed at making the most of the Eid exodus momentum to provide information to travelers regarding tourist destinations, especially unique mosques, along the homecoming route.

He highlighted that the e-booklet diversifies tourism products, thereby improving the ranking of Indonesia in the Global Muslim Travel Index that is currently placed second.

"With this e-booklet, we believe Indonesia can rank first in the Global Muslim Travel Index," Jemadu stated.

On the same occasion, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno remarked that the e-booklet launch accommodates travelers to choose their preferred mosque to visit during their homecoming trip.

"During the homecoming trip, people need to rest and perform salat (pray). These mosques can be a selling point that will encourage (economic) activities," Uno remarked.

Meanwhile, Director of Promotion and Special Interest Tourism at the ministry Itok Parikesit remarked that the e-booklet summarizes about 27 mosques, with tourism potential, that have been selected through a self-assessment process.

Soon, this e-booklet will be developed into an e-catalog that provides information on 230 mosques in Indonesia.

"In the future, we hope that information of 230 mosques in 13 provinces can be summarized into an e-catalog to support special interest tourism," Parikesit stated.

In addition, he said, the e-catalog can showcase other potentials of special interest tourism.

The ministry also expressed its support for implementation of the 2024 Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week (JMFW) by holding "Road to JMFW" from March to September 2023 to promote Indonesian Muslim fashion products in the international market.

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