The mosque can start by rescuing the children's future, as it means we are rescuing the future of the nation and the country
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi has asked mosques nationwide to be responsive and sensitive to social issues in their surroundings.

"Let us realize a mosque that is child-friendly, responsive to social issues, and spreads affection among humankind, particularly orphans," Sa'adi said during a social charity event, at Istiqlal Mosque here on Friday, during which one thousand orphans were presented donations.

The donations are an expression of gratitude to Almighty God and reflect understanding of the meaning of the holy month of Ramadan by honoring every person, especially orphans, he said.

The deputy minister urged Muslims not to care for orphans only during Ramadan, saying this should be the duty of all until orphans reach the age of majority and can stand on their own feet.

"The mosque can start by rescuing the children's future, as it means we are rescuing the future of the nation and the country," Sa'adi said.

Meanwhile, taking note of the high percentage of children affected by divorce, domestic violence, and neglect, and students dropping out of school in the country, he encouraged mosques to play a role in nurturing children and families.

"Mosques are also expected to play their role in family resilience through programs for teenagers and marriage or pre-marriage counseling," the deputy minister said.

Sa'adi also urged mosques to present Islamic teaching that reaches all levels of society and become a place of worship that can realize equality of all humans before the Almighty God in the social context by becoming a bridge uniting the human race.

He also asked all Muslims to perform good deeds that can reflect their piousness during the Ramadan month, either as individuals, society members, or as Muslims and Indonesians.

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Translator: Lintang Budiyanti, Nabil Ihsan
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