This is a good momentum for companies if they consider providing welfare to their partners.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah has expressed the hope that workers with partnership status will get some token of appreciation even though they are not up for Eid al-Fitr allowance (THR).

"I hope that companies employing workers under partnership (schemes) can pay attention to the welfare of their partners," she said at an iftar event with the Indonesian Employers' Association (Apindo) here on Tuesday.

According to her, appreciation ahead of Eid for workers employed under the partnership scheme is important for maintaining the relationship between the companies and their partners.

Companies that implement partnership schemes can prepare some token of appreciation, even though it is not THR and the form it takes will depend on each company.

"I am not sure, the (appreciation) may not be THR, but in other forms. I hope the partnership will last. This is a good momentum for companies if they consider providing welfare to their partners," she explained.

Workers hired under partnership schemes are not entitled to THR because it is only given to workers with permanent employment contracts (PKWTT) and temporary employment contracts (PKWT), as well as freelance workers.

PKWT and contract workers whose employment has ended before Eid are also not eligible for THR.

Interns are not eligible for THR because they only get a stipend and/or transport money instead of regular wages.

There are a number of jobs that accord partnership status, such as online motorcycle taxis (ojol) and online taxi drivers.

Meanwhile, chairperson of Apindo, Hariyadi Sukamdani, assured that Apindo members are ready to pay this year's Eid allowance according to government provisions and without installments.

Sukamdani said that the recovery of the economy has helped companies fulfill their obligations ahead of the holidays.

"Insya Allah (God willing), there is no problem because we have prepared and are assisted by the economic recovery, which is going well. This means that companies can prepare and allocate funds according to the schedule," he said.

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