The 2023 Ketupat Operation will involve 148,621 personnel, the largest involvement of personnel this year
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ketupat Operation to secure the Eid al-Fitr exodus will be the largest one conducted by the police this year, with more personnel involved in it than in the G20 Summit security operation last year.

"The 2023 Ketupat Operation will involve 148,621 personnel, the largest involvement of personnel this year," assistant to the chief of police for operations Agung Setya Imam Effendi said in a podcast released by the National Police (Polri) public relations, which was accessed from here on Friday.

The security agenda during the Ramadan month and the Eid holiday is annual, and Polri has said it has prepared the operation to anticipate the Eid exodus flow and tourism mobility, he explained.

"We will involve more than 148 thousand personnel, which is almost ten times more than the G20 operation," he pointed out.

The joint personnel will comprise 1,240 personnel from the National Police Headquarters, 91,153 regional police (Polda) personnel, and 55,818 personnel from the military, transportation office, health office, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), the Search and Rescue (SAR) Agency, volunteers, scouts, and other agencies.

The Ketupat Operation from April 18 to May 1 will be divided into two, namely centralized and regional, Effendi said.

"We will combine these two operations to manage the movement of 123.8 million travelers, so we can reduce problems that occurred last year, such as being stuck in traffic," he added.

He said that this year's preparation for facing the Eid exodus flow has been made by taking last year's experiences, such as the long queue seen at Merak Port crossing, into account.

This year, the Cikampek Toll Road has four lanes, while only three lanes were functional last year due to improvement work, he added.

His side has anticipated the risk of traffic from Bandung to Jakarta, especially on arterial routes like Kalimalang.

"We have formulated the solution to make the (exodus) safer, smoother, and better than the previous year," Effendi said.

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