Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA) - East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa urged homecoming travelers to use 25 rest areas along the province's toll road to relieve their tiredness.

"This Monday is predicted to be the start of the return flow. For drivers, if they are tired, do not force it. Along the East Java highway, there are 25 rest areas prepared for travelers," the governor noted in Surabaya, East Java, Monday.

Parawansa revealed that the rest areas available include the East Java or Surabaya - Gresik northern toll roads, at KM 14/A.

Rest areas in East Java or on Surabaya - Sidoarjo - Gempol - Pasuruan - Probolinggo - Leces toll roads are at KM 754/A, KM 753/B, KM 819/A, KM 833/A, KM 819/B, and KM 833 B.

Moreover, rest areas on the southern toll road or Surabaya - Sidoarjo - Pandaan - Lawang - Singosari - Pakis - Malang are at KM 66/A, KM 84/A, KM 66/B, and KM 84/B.

Rest areas in West Java or on the Surabaya - Mojokerto - Jombang - Nganjuk - Madiun - Ngawi toll road are at KM 575/A, KM 626/A, KM725/A, KM 575/B, KM 626/B, KM 726/B and also at KM 597/A, KM 678/A, KM 695/A, KM 792/A, KM 597/B, KM 678/B, KM 695/B, and KM 792/B.

In addition, the governor reminded that the aspect of safety greatly hinged on health factors and a fit body of each traveler.

"We know all of the travelers want to meet relatives and parents at their hometown, but the safety of travelers is also very important. Tiredness and sleepiness can be a major factor in road accidents," she stated.

Hence, she reminded tired or sleepy drivers to immediately pull over to the nearest rest area.

"Take advantage of the available rest areas," she stated.

According to Parawansa, during the Eid holidays and joint leave this year, the number of travelers heading to East Java had increased.

From the initial prediction, she noted that there were 18.1 million to 21.2 million people.

"The large number of travelers heading to East Java has also increased the volume of vehicles. The increasing number of vehicles must also be anticipated," she emphasized.

Parawansa has also instructed several Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) and related parties to remain alert during the 2023 Eid al-Fitr homecoming, including utilizing health service posts and hospitals and health centers prepared in various regions.

“Deaths from traffic accidents can be anticipated with a quick response and the connectivity of the nearest health service. Thus, when something happens, it can be handled as soon as possible, for example, an ambulance will arrive quickly and others," she remarked.

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