However, yesterday, we received information that attacks resumed during the ceasefire
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) is deploying officers from the Air Forces' (TNI AU's) Quick Reaction Forces Command (Kopasgat) to support the evacuation of Indonesians from Sudan.

Some 15 personnel of the elite forces will be part of the Indonesians Evacuation from Sudan team that comprises 39 personnel.

TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono stated at the Halim Perdanakusuma Airfield here on Monday (April 24) that a ceasefire between conflicting sides in Sudan gives precious time for the evacuation of foreigners, including Indonesians, from the country.

"However, yesterday, we received information that attacks resumed during the ceasefire. Hence, we decided to deploy the Kopasgat team to secure the airport where our nationals would be evacuated," Margono told ANTARA.

Despite security threats during the evacuation, particularly as the warring sides are from the military, the admiral said that the TNI has no plan to send more personnel to Sudan to support officers working with UN peacekeeping missions in the region.

"So far, not yet, as we wish not to intervene in their internal affairs unless the safety of Indonesians is under threat. There will be follow-up instructions, and we will also monitor the (evacuation) mission," Margono stated.

He noted that the evacuation team, headed by Colonel Noto Casnoto, not only comprises TNI AU pilots and Kopasgat officers but also TNI's Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS), Information Centre (Puspen), and medical officers.

A 100-seater Boeing 737-400 military aircraft, bearing registration number A-7305, will be deployed for the evacuation mission, the TNI commander stated.

Meanwhile, Margono said that the evacuation point for Indonesians in Sudan would be at Port Sudan, on the country's Red Sea coast, as flights from there to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the evacuation destination, took less than an hour, as compared to direct flights to Khartoum that took 1.5 hours.

He noted that some 291 Indonesian nationals will be evacuated by TNI while adding that Indonesians, who are pregnant, sick, and elderly, will be prioritized in the evacuation.

"Our latest information disclosed that at least 291 (Indonesians) have been at Port Sudan. The Foreign Ministry said there are pregnant mothers, those with health issues, the elderly, and children. We will prioritize their evacuation," he remarked.

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Translator: Genta Tenri M, Nabil Ihsan
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