Bangli, Bali (ANTARA) - The Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Ministry is aiming to certify all plots of land in Indonesia by 2025.

"The plan is, by the beginning of 2025, all plot of lands in Indonesia would have been certified, that (their number) being 126 million plots," Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Minister Hadi Tjahjanto informed in Bangli, Bali, on Wednesday after giving away land certificates.

He said that the plot certification program was based on a directive issued by President Joko Widodo, who had been dissatisfied with his review in 2017, which had shown a low number of registered plots.

"This program (land certification) is a revolutionary program because when the President checked it, he asked how many plots in Indonesia were registered. At that time, there were 46 million all over Indonesia, despite the Basic Agrarian Law already existing for so long," Tjahjanto informed.

He said that if the efforts were not pursued early on, then Indonesia would only produce 500 thousand land certificates in a year, and the remaining 80 million certificates would take a long time to be issued.

Based on his calculations, people may have to wait for 160 years for the entire 126 million certifications to be issued, he added.

Through the Complete Systematic for Land Registration (PTSL), the ministry has issued certificates for 102.3 million plots, or about 80 percent of the total target, he informed.

The initiative supports people's economy, pushing circulation of money to up to Rp5.219 trillion (US$350 million), he added.

He is also aiming to certify all places of worship by 2024.

Of all the places in Indonesia, plots in the nation’s eastern parts will be more difficult to certify since not many people live in those areas, he said.

The province that is predicted to be the first one to meet the total certification target has been Bali, where 1.9 million plots of the 2.1 million available plots have been certified, Tjahjanto added.

"The benefit if a province has complete (certification) is that all its people have rights to the land in the form of certificates; no more conflicts about overlaps; the land mafia no longer has ability to act, and investors will be at ease because all the plots have legal certainty," he said.

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