Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) gave out some 1,043 land certificates to the people of Blora during the second day of his work visit to Central Java.

"Out of the 1,160 certificates that must be handed over, 1,043 have been completed. There is a little left over. Some more than a hundred are still not done, but the 1,043 certificates have been handed to you all, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone," the head of state noted in his speech, as accessed here on Friday.

Jokowi was pleased to hand over land certificates in Blora, as the land conflicts there, including in the villages of Ngelo, Cepu, and Karangboyo, had taken place since 1947.

"Thus, I instructed the agrarian affairs and spatial planning minister a few years back to check the situation in practice. Thoroughly check it, particularly in Ngelo, Cepu, and Karangboyo villages. What is the matter? Why is the issue not resolved yet?" he questioned.

As of that day, the issue has been resolved, he stated.

He reminded that everyone should be grateful for the certificates, although some 123 had yet to be handed over. The rest will be given in the near future.

He noted that the certificate will be valid for a period of 30 years, and it can be extended up to 20 years and another additional 30 years. In total, the certificate can be valid for 80 years.

The president also handed the Social Forestry Provision and Agrarian Reform Land Object Provision. He advised for the land to be used for productive means.

The head of state reminded that if one were to abandon the land, then the provision will be cancelled.

He requested that the plots be used to grow plants, such as corn, teak, and mahogany, so that the goals of forestry and productive plantation can go hand in hand.

On the occasion, he also conversed with two people -- Latina and Yatimin -- who had received the Social Forestry Provision.

The duo stated that they would continue to conduct corn plantation on the land. However, they expressed concerns regarding the issue of fertilizers.

Fertilizer issues

In response to concerns over fertilizers, the president noted that the war between Russia and Ukraine has led to that issue.

"The problem is, we import fertilizers a lot from Russia and Ukraine. Right now, Russia and Ukraine are in the middle of a war. The ones lacking fertilizers are not only Indonesia. Not to mention other countries without fertilizer factories, they got nothing at all," he elaborated.

Jokowi realized that currently, fertilizers were rare and expensive.

He pointed out that the domestic demand for fertilizers had reached 13 million tons. Currently, Indonesia had only managed to produce 3.5 million tons and imported 6.3 million tons of it.

Thus, there is only a total of 9.8 million tons of the total required 13 million tons.

"Some 3.2 million tons are still lacking. Hence, last month, we activate Pupuk Iskandar Muda in Aceh again. We fund for it. It has already produced 570 thousand tons. It is a lot, but (compared to) our needs, it is nothing," he remarked.

He noted that due to the law of economics, the price of fertilizers had increased because of the lack of supply as compared to the demand, though the government is taking measures to address the issue.

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