Badung (ANTARA) - Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (/BPN) Hadi Tjahjanto has started to process land certificates for residents in Banjar Mumbul, Badung District, Bali, who had no legal certainty for 97 years.

"They have occupied this land for almost 97 years, but they had no legal certainty. Therefore, I asked the head of the regional office to coordinate with the governor to finish it at least in a month," he stated in Badung District, Bali, Friday.

He remarked that the certificate of the 1.5-hectare plot of land would be finalized by February 29, 2023, to be later used by Banjar Mumbul residents.

"The land would be certified immediately, and within a month, it would be handed over to the community. If you have received the certificate, it means that the community has legal certainty and can use it to boost the economy," Tjahjanto explained.

The minister explained to the residents of Banjar Mumbul that land certificates can be useful by processing mortgage rights.

He advised people to process mortgages directly from official banks and not moneylenders. In addition, when a land certificate is issued, people are encouraged to take photocopies as a preventive measure against fraud.

"This certificate can be used to improve the economy, especially in the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector but not for consumption matters," he told the public.

He also explained to the media about the lengthy process for land certification in Banjar Mumbul.

"First, we must conduct the land study regarding problems in Banjar Mumbul, including the collection of documents at the BPN Bali," he remarked.

The head of the residents' proposing team in Banjar Mumbul, I Wayan Arsana, said that the land occupied by residents since 1930 had been submitted to be certified in 1980, but the regional government at that time stated that the land was one of the provincial assets.

"In 2018, we received information regarding the progress, but once again, we were told that it was the province's asset. On June 2, 2021, we wrote a letter to BPN Bali that essentially asked for certainty about the rights to the state land we occupy," he remarked.

Arsana expressed optimism that through this opportunity, Minister Tjahjanto can assist them in obtaining legal certainty over the land they occupy and will be used as an inheritance for their children and grandchildren, including the land of Balai Banjar Mumbul and Pura Ratu Ayu Dalem Mumbul.

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Translator: Ni Putu Putri M, Resinta S
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