Jambi (ANTARA) - Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Hadi Tjahjanto went door to door in Arab Melayu village, Pelayangan district, Jambi city, to hand over land certificates to residents.

"Today, I went to Jambi city to distribute land certificates to residents. I affirmed the problems in practice, particularly whether there was a fee (involved) in obtaining these certificates,” he informed in Jambi on Thursday.

He assured that the recipients would not be charged any fee for the certificates.

Ten residents from the village symbolically received land certificates from the ministry. "It turned out that all recipients said that it was for free," the minister said.

Tjahjanto also advised residents who received the certificates to take good care of them. "Because it is so valuable, the value of the land is there," he said.

He also told residents that if they want to use the land certificates as collateral, then it would be better if it is for productive needs. Residents can borrow funds from licensed financial services providers by providing the certificates as collateral, he added.

"Don not borrow money from a bank (or) pawning certificate for consumptive needs. If it is for business, you may, so can pay monthly later," he continued.

The minister also said that he could see the happiness radiating from the people of Jambi city upon receiving the land certificates.

"The people are very happy," he remarked after handing over the certificates.

During the activity, he was accompanied by Deputy Minister of Agrarian Affairs, Raja Juli Antoni; Governor of Jambi, Al Haris; Deputy Mayor of Jambi, Maulana; member of Commission II of the House of Representatives, Ihsan Yunus; and chairperson of Jambi province’s House of Representatives, Edi Purwanto.

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Translator: Tuyani, Mecca Yumna
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