...thus the participants can directly view (the vacancies) and register with their pre-employment certificates.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Twenty-four percent of unemployed participants of the Pre-Employment Card (Kartu Prakerja) Program found work one and a half months after completing the program, executive director of the program, Denni Puspa Purbasari, has said.

At a press conference here on Wednesday, she informed that the program has helped participants to get job vacancy recommendations more easily through the dashboard of their Kartu Prakerja Program account.

Kartu Prakerja is a government program launched in 2020, which seeks to train participants and prepare them for different occupations and entrepreneurial skills by providing incentives or fee assistance to them.

"After completing the program, job vacancies related to the training classes (taken by the participants) will appear on the dashboard, thus the participants can directly view (the vacancies) and register with their pre-employment certificates," the Kartu Prakerja executive director stated.

The implementation of the program in 2023 has been different compared to the past three years, when the Kartu Prakerja Program was carried out as a semi-social assistance scheme.

The number of participants of the program reached 390 thousand in Batches 48 to 53 of 2023, thus the Kartu Prakerja Program still has a remaining participant quota of 610 thousand this year.

The program is not only attended by participants who are unemployed.

At least 91 percent of people who participated in the Kartu Prakerja program so far this year said that they wanted to improve their working skills — an increase from 84 percent compared to when the program was implemented as a semi-social assistance scheme.

The participants were also more careful in comparing the training classes they would take from one learning site to another site, namely, from 55 percent in the semi-social assistance scheme to 66 percent in the normal scheme.

The Kartu Prakerja program in 2023 is focusing on increasing the skills of the workforce by providing training for skills that are highly needed by the labor market, according to Indonesia’s Critical Occupation List and Indonesia’s Occupational Task and Skills.

Indonesia's Critical Occupation List and Indonesia’s Occupational Task and Skills were published by the World Bank and the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), respectively.

"The training method, which initially implemented the self-learning or video learning methods, has now changed to webinar classes and face-to-face meetings," Purbasari added.

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