Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung (ANTARA) - A giant red-and-white national flag was unfurled over Jembatan Emas (Golden Bridge) here at an event organized by the Bangka Belitung Islands provincial authority to commemorate Pancasila Day on Thursday.

"The birth of Pancasila commemoration this year is a momentum to awaken our love for the Indonesian nation," Bangka Belitung Islands Acting Governor Suganda Pandapotan Pasaribu stated after the Pancasila Day ceremony held at the bridge.

He explained that the giant red-and-white flag, sized 78 x 23 meters, was emblematic of the 78th year of Indonesia's independence and 23 years of Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

In his remarks, Pasaribu said that Pancasila should be embedded in the hearts of all Indonesians and should be the basis of all activities.

"Pancasila is the national ideology that must remain alive in society," he emphasized.

Pasaribu stated that the first tenet of Pancasila -- belief in God -- means that Indonesia is a country that respects religion and people should believe in the existence of the Supreme God.

The second tenet -- just and civilized humanity -- means that the country respects humanity and will not discriminate against the people, he noted.

Meanwhile, he explained that the third tenet -- the unity of Indonesia -- emphasized the unity of the nation while adding that its implementation was proven by the participation of all members of the public to commemorate Pancasila Day in the province regardless of their affiliations.

He stated that implementation of the fourth tenet of Pancasila -- democracy guided by the inner wisdom arising out of deliberations -- is behind the success to unfurl the flag over the bridge.

"Today, we engage in deliberations and consensus to ensure the success of the flag-raising agenda," Pasaribu stated.

He also expected the agenda to benefit all people to realize the fifth tenet of Pancasila: social justice for all Indonesian people.

"We also hope that the Pancasila Day momentum this year will encourage all people to not adhere to other ideologies but Pancasila in the Republic of Indonesia," the acting governor remarked.

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