Sorong, Southwest Papua (ANTARA) - The indigenous Moi people of Sorong in Southwest Papua are commemorating World Environment Day by holding the Egek Festival.

The festival, which features several traditional rituals and competitions, is taking place in Malaumkarta Village, Makbon Subdistrict, Sorong City, from June 5–8, 2023.

"The theme of the Egek Festival this time is 'Ko jaga alam, wariskan Egek budaya Suku Moi' (Let's protect nature, inherit Egek culture of the Moi tribe)," Egek Festival Committee chairperson Torianus Kalami said here on Monday.

The theme has been chosen based on two primary views of the Moi tribe. According to the ko jaga alam commandment, the people of Moi are responsible for the environment in which they live, grow, and breed.

"We need to live responsibly to (preserve) the environment; this commandment is also the Moi people's support for World Environment Day," he added and explained that the phrase "wariskan Egek budaya Suku Moi" means to carry out the festival in the tribe's culture.

He said that Egek is the Moi tribe's way of managing their lifestyle, such as finding ways to not exploit natural resources excessively.

The Moi tribe of Papua is divided into several sub-tribes: the Moi Kelim, Moi Abun That, Moi Abun Jhi, Moi Salkma, Moi Klabra, Moi Lemas, and Moi Maya.

"The Egek habitual culture is the establishment of protected zones and core zones in forests and seas that apply for generations," Kalami added.

The Egek Festival also includes activities, such as using environmentally friendly fishing gear and fishing zone designation.

The opening of the festival was attended by officials such as the acting district head of Sorong, Yan Piet Mosso, and acting secretary of Southwest Papua, Edison Siagian.

Through the Egek Festival, the local people can explore the Moi tribe's traditional culture and wisdom, which can lead to the development of a tourist attraction that helps the tribe become independent and sustainable, Kalami said.

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