Jakarta (ANTARA) - Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas visited Nusantara Capital City, East Kalimantan, to ensure that progress in development goes accordingly.

"The progress of (Nusantara City) development goes well and great. Hence, this is expected to support the government's target to move the capital city and state civil apparatuses, military, and police at the beginning phase in 2024 later on," he noted in an official statement received here on Saturday.

The minister pressed for development of the Public Services Mall of Nusantara City to be pursued extensively as well. He deemed this necessary in order to offer services for the people.

"Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Ministry consistently encourages and assists, so that public services are more accessible, effective, and efficient, with the integration of public services through the Public Services Mall," he remarked.

The minister said that the integration of services through digitization is one of the priorities of President Joko Widodo in establishing an electronic-based government system.

"Nusantara City will set an example of how all services are digitized," he noted.

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He said that according to the government plans, Nusantara City will have a sports center, greenery, apartments, ponds, and other facilities in addition to schools and hospital.

Moreover, the government has planned comprehensively about state civil servants' placements, the minister revealed. Some 16,990 people, comprising 11,274 civil servants from across 40 ministries and agencies as well as 5,716 military and police personnel, will be relocated to Nusantara City at the beginning phase in 2024, he elaborated.

Deputy for development control of the Nusantara City Authority Thomas Umbu Pati Tena Bolodadi stated that the progress in development of the city had reached 29.27 percent.

Bolodadi said the process comprises four stages: preparation, development, relocation, and governance.

"Governance in the next year and after the capital has been moved from Jakarta to North Penajam Paser is outlined in the Presidential Decree. For today, we formulate the idea on the sectioning area for the government as well as elaborating on improving the authority's role," Bolodadi explained.

He also pushed for pursuing the development of the Public Services Mall and called on the government to respond to the public needs regarding public services.

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