Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) stated that the Simultaneous One Million Acceptors (PSA) family planning program on Wednesday targeted 1.24 million acceptors throughout Indonesia.

"The PSA is carried out simultaneously throughout Indonesia for one day on Wednesday (June 14), with a target of 1,244,348 acceptors and 116,274 postpartum birth control acceptors," BKKBN's Director of Family Planning Development Zamhir Setiawan stated here on Wednesday.

He said the BKKBN is also targeting a total fertility rate (TFR) of 2.19.

Setiawan said the event was held in commemoration of the 30th National Family Day this year. The family planning services offer pills, condoms, birth control injections, IUDs, implants, and surgical methods for both genders.

He noted that each province has been given the number of targets based on the quality of service, regional conditions, and health protocols.

Of the 34 provinces, the most number of targets were recorded in East Java, with 62,815 acceptors; West Java, 52,126 acceptors; and Central Java, 48,363 acceptors.

Meanwhile, the lowest number of targets were recorded in West Papua at 400; North Kalimantan, 600 acceptors; and Riau Islands, 969 acceptors.

Setiawan explained that the PSA program on Wednesday was implemented in 1,772 hospitals, 10,724 community health centers, 2,925 primary clinics, 746 doctors' practices, and 13,585 units of midwives' independent practices.

Moreover, home visits were conducted by 78,955 village family planning cadres (PPKBD) and 344,808 sub-PPKBDs, who specifically handed over pills and condoms.

The BKKBN also prepared 60 service vehicles to support the event.

"This approach focuses on reproductive health and rights issues. Therefore, what needs to be prevented is not just pregnancy but also risky pregnancy," Setiawan explained.

He expected that the PSA program can achieve the determined indicators and targets by presenting quality service and paying attention to the local culture and wisdom.

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Translator: Hreeloita S, Kenzu
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