Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) has featured the Prosperous Family Service Center (PPKS) to assist in handling problems occurring in families through counseling.

"Currently, familial issues continue to emerge," BKKBN's Deputy for Training, Research and Development, M. Rizal Martua Damanik, stated here on Friday.

"Some are new problems, while others are a repetition of old problems that have not been resolved. Through this PPKS, the BKKBN takes part in handling them," he remarked.

The PPKS was formed as a platform for integrated activities that the people can easily access, Damanik noted.

Its activities focus on family service, and they are executed in the form of communication, information and education (KIE), consultation and counseling, guidance and reference.

However, before they help the people, facilitators will be given training as part of the efforts to improve the knowledge and hone the skills of PPKS' managers and implementers.

This training is also imparted to optimize services, so that they can provide service in accordance with public service standards.

In order to bring the service closer to the public, the PPKS management is synergized with Dissemination Centers existing in regions. With this, PPKS managers will cooperate with work partners at the sub-district level.

"Facilitators at the provincial level that have been trained at the Training of Trainers (TOT) level, I ask to facilitate training at the provincial level for PPKS managers and implementers optimally," he noted.

Damanik expects that the PPKS can provide at least eight types of services to families that comprise population data and information service, family planning and family development, and infant and child family counseling.

They also include consultation and counseling for teenagers and their families, pre-wedding consultation and counseling, family planning and reproduction health consultation and counseling, and harmonic family consultation and counseling.

Consultation and counseling for the elderly and their families as well as family economic empowerment are also provided.

"The success of the PPKS training will be a meaningful contribution to the existence and sustainability of PPKS' function on the field," Damanik noted.

Technical training for facilitators at the provincial level will be divided into five levels at five locations.

The training is held by BKKBN's Population and Family Planning Education and Training Center with integrated learning method from May 31 to June 16, 2023.

Through 11 days of training, some 218 facilitator participants from all across Indonesia will undergo independent learning activity for two days, four days of online advance material learning, and five days for offline training.

The learning time totals 92 hours.

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