Jakarta (ANTARA) - "High 5 New Zealand International Health Industry Expo to Seek and Share the Essence of Health with 'Post Pandemic' Theme and Co-hosted by NEXT Federation and Other Organisations in Auckland on 25-26 November, 2023"

To seek and share the essence of health, is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of the global health industry. It also concerns the well-being of the people and is a shared responsibility of society. As Tony Browne, Chairman of the Council of the NEXT Federation and former New Zealand Ambassador to China, notes, "New Zealand fully integrates nature and modernity, and is one of the most active countries in advocating the essence of health." Following the pandemic, the NEXT Federation aims to work alongside local and global partners to seek and share the essence of health through the New Zealand International Health Industry Expo.

The "High 5" branding, which represents happiness, celebration, optimism, a healthy and positive outlook on life, is one of the most recognizable gestures worldwide and symbolizes the collective vision of the Expo. After extensive consultation with international partners, the New Zealand International Health Industry Expo selected "High 5" as its brand name and abbreviated it as "High 5 Expo."

Gathering of Global Industry Experts and Brands in New Zealand to Advocate the Essence of Health

William Zhao, Executive Chairman of the Council of the NEXT Federation, has identified that the current trend in the global health industry and consumption is to seek and share the essence of health. William announced that the inaugural High 5 Expo will convene partners from over 10 countries, including New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates, to conduct more than 20 top-tier industrial exchange and collaboration activities. This expo is anticipated to attract over 100 health brands from New Zealand and across the globe, as well as extensive participation from professional institutions and industrial visitors both locally and internationally. With more than 30 years of international business management experience in food production, William played his critical leading role in the investing and establishment of China's first milk powder production factory in New Zealand.

The inaugural High 5 Expo in 2023 is dedicated to share the essence of health and driving global consumption in the health industry, with the theme of "Post Pandemic". The expo is centered around five major industrial sectors, including Medical Health, Physical Health, Mental Health, Social Health, and Environmental Health, encompassing dozens of sub-sectors under these categories. The topics covered in the expo are broad and timely, such as economic recovery, mental health, aging wellness, telemedicine, health education, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and other pressing issues.

William Zhao shared that the High 5 Expo will create a centralized procurement platform and enterprise demonstration window, guided by the slogan of "Health Integrity Grants Happiness", which will enable participants to identify target customers, build industry relationships, and promote new products and unique brands. The High 5 Expo aims to engage thought leaders in the health industry, exchange ideas, and explore emerging trends to increase industry influence and facilitate business development.

Moreover, the High 5 Expo goes beyond being an "Information Platform" and focuses on building a "Solution Platform". The expo connects the industrial resources of governments, media, academy, business, and community from various countries to provide solutions to market challenges.

High 5 Values Aim to Foster International Collaboration Across the Health Industry Chain

To champion and embody the essence of health, the High 5 Expo will utilize the five "High 5 Values" as the criterion for selecting exhibitors, brands, and experts. According to Prof Hammam Riza, the Rotating President of the Global Advisory of the NEXT Federation and Principal Expert Engineer (Minister level) of National Research and Development Agency (BRIN) of Indonesia, "adherence to the High 5 values will foster collaboration across the global health industry value chain."

High impact innovation

The development of new technologies, products, services, or systems that significantly improve the delivery, accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare, or which promote health equity and enhance the health outcomes of individuals and communities. Such innovation should address critical health challenges, bring positive social and economic impact, and have the potential to scale up and transform the healthcare industry.

Highly premium suppliers

Providing exceptional products or services that meet or exceed customer expectations. These suppliers are often recognized for their quality, safety, and effectiveness and they are likely to have unique technologies, advanced research and development, and/or strong regulatory compliance. They are also likely to prioritize customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, and will often be leaders in their respective fields.

High demand markets

As developing countries grow and mature, increasing attention is devoted to improved health and lifestyle. These markets seek innovative solutions to meet the increasing needs of consumers for quality healthcare products and services. Companies or individuals that create and supply products or services that effectively address the needs of the market, and help to improve access, affordability, and effectiveness of healthcare, can be considered as making a valuable contribution to high demand markets.

High quality networking

Building meaningful and valuable relationships with industry professionals, peers, and key stakeholders involves fostering a supportive and collaborative environment for knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and exploring opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. The ability to leverage such networks to achieve business goals, drive innovation, and create value for stakeholders is a key aspect of high-quality networking.

High added-value

The provision of innovative and efficient products or services that improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare delivery involves a deep understanding of the supply chain, from raw materials to the end user, and the ability to add value at each stage. This may include innovative technologies, streamlined logistics, or sustainable production practices that increase profitability, reduce waste, and enhance the overall value of the supply chain for all stakeholders involved.

Elite Industry Leaders Collaborate to Promote Globalisation of Health-focused Consumption through High-end Frontier Agenda

The High 5 Expo 2023 has a comprehensive itinerary that includes the Expo, Forums, and the Award Gala, where industry leaders and innovators gather to promote globalisation of consumption in health industry.

The exhibition will take place on 25-26 November at the Due Drop Event Center in Auckland, New Zealand, and aims to attract over 100 companies and institutions from around the world, with a projected attendance of thousands of industry professionals from both domestic and international markets. Dr Gatot Dwianto, former Vice Chairman (Deputy Minister level) of Indonesia Technology Assessment and Application Agency (BPPT) and Chairman of the NEXT Federation (Indonesia), highlights the rapid purchasing power growth of Indonesia, an emerging market, and anticipates that Indonesian exhibitors and buyers will take advantage of the High 5 Expo to connect with high-quality source suppliers from New Zealand, Australia, and other countries. New Zealand Leading health-related organisations and companies such as St Johns, Fonterra and Zespri have confirmed their participation.

The High 5 Expo will feature a series of forums alongside the exhibition, with plans to invite policy, academic, and industrial experts in the field of global health consumption, as well as national brand leaders and young elites under the age of 36 to engage in cutting-edge dialogues on global health trends, challenges, and opportunities. Lai Chengyi, Director of the Singapore Economics & Management Institute and Chairman of the NEXT Federation (Singapore), emphasizes the timeliness of these discussions, stating that the globalisation of healthy consumption is a critical concern for the industry in the era of major adjustments in the global industrial chain, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

The High 5 Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, which will be held on 26 November at the prestigious Auckland War Memorial Museum, will serve as the culmination of the High 5 Expo. Prof H.E. Essam Sharaf, Former Prime Minister of Egypt and Rotating President of the NEXT Federation, explained that the High 5 Awards will recognize outstanding organisations and individuals in the global health sector and encourage people to seek and share the essence of health.

Prof H.E. Essam Sharaf expressed his pleasure that the High 5 Awards Committee is composed of high-level experts from Governments, Media, Academy, Business, and the Community related with health industry from many countries. The committee will follow fair and scientific selection criteria and a transparent and standardized review process, certified by Findex as the Accreditor, a famous accounting firm in AU & NZ, to ensure a professional and prudent selection of candidates.

Dr Jun Chen, the Secretary-General of the NEXT Federation, has announced that the first High 5 Expo will invite a diverse range of participants, including health policy makers and market regulators from high-demand markets such as New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and the UAE. The expo will also welcome health sector representatives from leading Chinese e-commerce giants, including Alibaba, JD.com, Meituan and KuaiShou. National brand executives from New Zealand and other countries, quality suppliers, professional buyers, traders, and investors organised by the strategic partners of the event, as well as managers and specialists in hospitals and healthcare systems, owners of the latest academic research results and applications, non-profit organisations with influence in the field of health, and leading industry media and key opinion influencers from hot demand markets are also expected to participate in the High 5 Expo.

The NEXT Federation, a global platform based in Auckland for integrating and transforming industrial resources, has successfully host 6 NEXT Summits around the world since 2017, is the initiator and Host of the High 5 Expo. Its objective is to seek optimal practices, share advantaged resources, and promote total-factor collaboration to promote global innovation, cooperation, and sustainability.

This year's High5 Expo is set to be co-organised by a consortium of companies, including New Zealand ThinkDock Co., Ltd., Pacific Channel Ltd., and Energetic Seniors (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, Aspect Expo (Beijing) Ltd. The event will also be supported by esteemed strategic partners, including the Major Events Department of Auckland Unlimited, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Prod, the Chinese Aging Well Association, the Indonesian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Indonesian Artificial Intelligence Association, and the Singapore Economics & Management Institute.

To learn more about the High 5 Expo, please do not hesitate to contact through E-mail: info@highfive.nz.

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