Everyone needs to dig in, in accordance with domains, each's tasks, and functions
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government is currently investigating Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School's activities at the behest of President Joko Widodo, Chief of the Presidential Staff Moeldoko has confirmed.

The school has lately come under the media spotlight for spreading heretic teachings.

"The 'digging in depth' has been (mentioned) by President. Everyone needs to dig in, in accordance with domains, each's tasks, and functions," he said at the State Palace here on Monday.

In terms of the ideological aspect, someone in the regional government is handling it, Moeldoko noted.

"If it is something more hardline, as in the heresy has reached a point of radicalism and so on, there is the National Counter-Terrorism Agency (to handle it)," he elaborated.

He informed that the government will take immediate steps after the case has been studied thoroughly.

The measures could involve either help, coaching, or law enforcement, he said.

"All (government) institutions/agencies are working, studying everything. If something happens, anything, hand (the solution) over, which can be either coaching, it can be law enforcement," he expounded.

The government does not want to leave the Al Zaytun issue go unchecked, considering there are thousands of students at that institution, Moeldoko said.

"There are thousands of children being taught there. Must be nervous, those kids are. There needs to be assurance from us," he stressed.

Moeldoko confirmed that he did indeed visit the institution at one point as he was invited there to give a speech about nationality.

He disclosed that he visited the boarding school twice: first, when he was in the military and serving as the Siliwangi Military Regional Commander; and second, as chief of the Presidential Staff. However, he said that he had no idea of Al Zaytun's allegedly problematic activities.

"We have no idea of what truly happens inside. But from my observation, norms, (such as the) norm on nationality, are adopted there. Indonesia Raya is always sung. Like that," he added.

He also denied the rumor that he is protecting the boarding school.

"Am I a thug? Why would (I) back (them) up? Whoever said that have to go to school first, so they can be a little smarter," he said.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, has outlined three measures that will be taken to address the polemic surrounding Al Zaytun.

The first is entrusting the police force with handling the allegations of criminal activities at the institution, he informed.

The second is imposing administrative sanctions on the boarding school, which owns educational institutions up to the tertiary level, he said.

The third is maintaining order and peace during the entirety of the proceedings on the Al Zaytun issue by coordinating with West Java province, he added.

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