Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Health Bill will guarantee the protection of patients' personal data, said Indah Febrianti, Head of the Health Law Bureau, on Thursday.

During a "Kemen-Cast" dialogue in Jakarta, she stated that the bill has a special chapter on health technology and health information systems.

"It is regulated that every personal data process must protect personal data," she said.

Indonesia currently has Law No. 27 of 2022 concerning Personal Data Protection, which highlights the various principles and provisions of personal data protection, she emphasized.

According to Febrianti, the Health Bill will incorporate these provisions to ensure the protection of each individual's health data, including the consent of the data owner.

"There is no need to worry about data being leaked because (the bill) guarantees the protection of personal data, and there are principles that underlie personal data processes," she said.

In some cases, such as for a public-interest event, an individual's health data could be utilized, she added.

Owners would be given prior notification if their data needs to be used for certain purposes.

"So, the data owner knows what their data will be used for, and this is secured and protected," she explained.

All the provisions in the Health Bill will also apply to the process of gathering genomic data carried out through health biotechnology services in Indonesia.

She emphasized that the Health Bill will not increase the risk of data abuse.

"It is not true that the Health Bill opens a chance for trading genomic data of individuals," she said.

Earlier, Sundoyo, a health law expert staff of the Health Minister, informed that at least 13 existing health laws will be affected by the 2023 Health Bill.

Specifically, nine laws will be repealed, while others will be changed due to overlap with other laws, he explained.

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