Jakarta (ANTARA) - Acting Head of the Employment Planning and Development Agency of the Manpower Ministry Aris Wahyudi has asked companies running businesses in Indonesia to report data on job vacancies to the government regularly.

"Our challenge is collecting data on job vacancies in companies. We have encouraged online-based Company Employment Mandatory Report (WLKP) to detect those vacancies," he said during a discussion entitled "Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Implementation" here on Tuesday.

He drew an analogy to explain the job vacancy problem, saying it’s like when many car owners need a driver, but do not know who wants to be a driver, while many people have the ability to drive and want to be drivers, but do not know which car owner needs a driver.

Wahyudi informed that his ministry has developed a job market center to support the provision of information on supply and demand.

"We encourage to no longer use manual job matching, but develop an artificial intelligence-based job matching platform. The challenge is how to bring them together to enter the system so that we get workforces according to informed needs," he said.

Based on data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS), in terms of open unemployment, the number of unemployed reached 7.9 million in early 2023. Meanwhile, every year, educational and training institutions create 3 million new graduates who are ready to enter the job market.

The government is currently working to resolve the problem of the imbalance between supply and demand so that all graduates can be absorbed into the world of work and there are no more people in the open unemployment category.

According to Wahyudi, the biggest producers of unemployed people are educational and training institutions because the skills of graduates are not in accordance with the needs of job providers.

Moreover, the increase in investment is not balanced by the expansion of job opportunities due to funds flowing to capital-intensive sectors.

"When the job positions have become saturated, being brave to change majors and change faculties is a must," he stressed.

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Translator: Sugiharto Purnama, Raka Adji
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