Badung, Bali (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has said that lifelong learning is important for everyone because it can change lives for the better.

"Lifelong learning is a reality, not a narrative, so it is important because it can change a person's life for the better," he observed virtually via a video broadcast at the closing of the Inclusive Lifelong Learning Conference (ILLC) here on Wednesday.

Indonesia will face a demographic bonus in 2030, when the proportion of the productive population will be larger, he noted.

A demographic bonus only occurs once in a country's civilization, he pointed out.

"It can be an opportunity, but it can also be a disaster if we cannot manage it," he added.

To answer the challenges of the demographic bonus, the government has initiated the Pre-Employment Card (Kartu PraKerja) Program that utilizes technology to build quality human resources, he said.

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The program is a solution for accelerating skill improvement and lifelong learning because anyone can participate in it without restrictions, Widodo added.

"In managing the demographic bonus, the government cannot work alone. It takes cooperation with various parties and society," he said.

Therefore, the President advised all elements of society to convince young people, especially Gen Zs and Gen Alphas, to become lifelong learners.

He expressed the hope that with people eager to never stop learning, the quality of human resources in Indonesia will improve, which will, in turn, enhance their quality of life and drive the society and the progress of the nation.

Indonesia's population is expected to increase until 2050, with 70 percent of the population falling in the productive age group in the 2020–2045 period, according to the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN).

Correct policies, such as an improvement in the healthcare system and skills development, will support the achievement of the demographic bonus, the agency stated.

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