Makassar (ANTARA) - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (MA) Professor Syarifuddin has said that his side is currently implementing digital transformation to realize a noble and modern judiciary.

While speaking to students of Hasanuddin University, Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Friday, he highlighted the importance of efforts to strengthen digitalization and outlined the measures that the supreme court is implementing to improve the quality of services.

He cited the MA's e-Court digital application as an example, saying that the application makes it easier for people to access several modern judicial services, such as e-Filing, e-Payment, e-Summons, and e-Litigation.

The application has undergone improvements, enabling it to accommodate people's need for electronic trials for appeals, commercial cases, and simple cases.

"Currently, MA is further developing the application to apply a system of appointing a panel of judges of the court based on each case's type and qualification as well as the workload of the supreme justices," he elaborated.

He affirmed that the development is aimed at distributing cases proportionally, according to the workload of supreme justices.

He also expressed the hope that the university will produce high-quality graduates who are ready to pursue a career in the world of law and make a contribution to efforts to advance Indonesia's judiciary.

Meanwhile, Professor Jamaluddin Jompa, the rector of the university, extended his gratitude and high appreciation to the chief justice for his visit and willingness to share information and experiences with the academic community.

Jompa also expressed his eagerness to continue the collaboration with MA, especially in order to support the implementation of the Freedom in Learning program by inviting practitioners to hold lectures.

"Hasanuddin University commits to improving the quality of various sectors. For two years, we have been inviting the best practitioners to teach. Hopefully, we can continue collaborating with MA in various fields," he remarked.

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