Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs is currently encouraging the improvement of the community's digital literacy to accelerate the adoption of technology in the digital economy ecosystem.

"Improving digital literacy is an essential prerequisite for realizing a digital society," said Mohammad Rudy Salahuddin, the ministry's Deputy for Digital Economy, Employment, and MSMEs, during the 2023 DigiWeek event in Jakarta on Monday.

According to him, digital literacy can help people use technology more wisely.

Currently, the government is making efforts to increase the community's digital literacy through several programs, he said.

These programs include the Digital Talent Scholarship program managed by the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Pre-employment Card program managed by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, as well as many other programs launched through government-private collaboration.

He expressed hope that the efforts that have been made would help realize a digital society that is connected to each other, inclusive, and competitive, so that it can actively contribute to pushing the growth of the digital economy.

One of the goals of the digital transformation currently being promoted in Indonesia is to increase national economic growth.

Therefore, addressing the challenges faced in the transformation must become the government's priority.

The acceleration of digital technology adoption is expected to have an impact on the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia, which has continued to grow significantly.

Based on a study carried out by Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company (2022), Indonesia accounts for 40 percent of ASEAN's total digital economy transactions.

"The development of the digital economy ecosystem needs consistency in addressing a number of challenges, one of which is ensuring data security and privacy, including ensuring the security of the public's use of digital technology," Salahuddin remarked.

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Translator: Bayu Saputra, Raka Adji
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