Jakarta (ANTARA) - The General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) has suggested that the government and General Elections Commission (KPU) discuss an option to push back the 2024 Simultaneous Regional Election.

According to Bawaslu's webpage that ANTARA quoted here Thursday, Head of the General Election Supervisory Agency Rahmat Bagja stated that the option should be discussed because the date is concurrent with the 2024 General Election.

Moreover, safety and security risks should be taken into account, he noted.

Bawaslu is concerned about the 2024 Regional Election because the voting is conducted in November 2024 while in October 2024, it will be the inauguration of a new pair of president and vice president, he said.

"Of course, with possibly changed (set of) ministers and officials. Hence, we suggest that it is better to discuss about pushing back the regional election because this is the first time it is simultaneous," Bagja elaborated.

He said one issue that could arise is security, as when one area encounters a security issue and the police of that area is calling for back up, it would be harder to get help, as the police of the other area is monitoring their respective area's ongoing regional election.

"In the previous experience, for example, the regional election in Makassar encounters security issues. There could be some (personnel) dispatched from nearby police departments or police from other province. In the 2024 Regional Election, surely, it would be difficult since all areas are on alert (during) election at the time," he explained.

Bagja delivered the statement at a coordination meeting for ministries and institutions hosted at the Presidential Staff Office, titled "Latest Risks and Situations of General Election and National Strategy to Tackle Them," on July 12.

On the occasion, he outlined some risks and issues during the 2024 General Election and Simultaneous General Election. Bagja drew attention to three sources of issues: the election management, candidates, and the voters.

The election management could face issues, including updating voters' data, distribution of logistics for the event, such as papers, and even heavy workload, he noted. Moreover, there is also the issue of lacking collaboration between Bawaslu and the KPU regarding their regulations.

As for issues from the candidates, it ranges from money politics, campaign fund transparency, civil servants' neutral stance, as well as inappropriate use of campaign items, he explained.

Lastly, the voters' issues include difficulty in exercising the right to vote, threat to their freedom to vote, and spread of misinformation and hate speech, Bagja added.

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Translator: Tri Meilani A, Mecca Yumna
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