Jakarta (ANTARA) - Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry is exhibiting 145 innovative products at the 2023 Research and Innovation Exhibition at Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta, on August 11-13, to commemorate the 28th National Technology Awakening Day (Hakteknas).

"The 28th Hakteknas commemoration becomes a momentum to encourage the development of research and innovation in order to increase the nation's competitiveness," Acting Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology of the ministry Nizam noted in a statement here on Saturday.

Hakteknas 2023 Exhibition was held in order to introduce 145 innovative products from universities that have been tested more closely to the public.

These products comprise 31 food products, 32 energy products, 59 health products, nine electric vehicle products, and 14 research products and other innovative products.

Some of the superior products displayed included the Semar Urban Hydroz energy-efficient car from the Semar Team at Gadjah Mada University, the Covent-20 Ventilator from the University of Indonesia, and Gambir Organic Ink from Andalas University.

In addition, Aerobic Super Rice products from Syiah Kuala University, Cajuput Candy from the Bogor Agricultural Institute, and Smart Water Quality Monitoring and IOT-Based PLTS Panels from Malang State University were showcased at the exhibition.

Nizam affirmed that the development of research and innovation on new technologies could be carried out through the Kedaireka program and higher education Matching Funds in collaboration with various partners in Indonesia.

He emphasized that the research product should be relevant and of good quality and focus on the five priorities of building a green economy, maritime-based economy, digital economy, health and medicine, tourism and the creative economy.

Director of Research, Technology, and Community Service of the Ministry of Education and Culture M. Faiz Syuaib encourages university personnel to conduct research that is relevant to the potential of each campus, so that their research is in accordance with the needs of society.

In addition, the quality of research should be improved continuously and not only for the reputation of the campus' output but also to have a positive impact in the form of solutions to various problems in society.

"Research in college must be based on science and be evidence-based, so that it provides solutions and can be implemented in society," Syuaib stated.

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