Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics Nezar Patria has urged young Indonesians to use social media wisely in order to keep being productive in cyberspace.

"This is very important as we will have major national events soon, where information will be shared through the internet, especially on social media," Patria noted here on Monday.

He asked young people to use their digital literacy skills when using social media.

According to him, there is a lot of information circulating on social media about various national agendas and current issues, such as health, finance, and the 2024 General Elections.

He asked youngsters to filter information circulating in digital space and make sure it is true before sharing it so that it does not mislead the public.

Patria also invited the younger generation to keep increasing literacy, especially related to digitalization.

He observed that currently developing digital technologies, such as deep fake technology that utilizes generative artificial intelligence (AI), have the potential to breed misunderstanding.

People can be deceived by deep fake content if they do not know its characteristics.

For this reason, he asked young Indonesians to be more observant and sensitive when responding to the latest conditions and issues on social media.

He said that youngsters can increase their social media sensitivity by participating in digital literacy classes.

"Attending a digital literacy class will be very beneficial since technology is developing in many ways. We cannot easily tell which information is true or wrong," he said.

Earlier, Patria also invited young people to instill the spirit of nationalism through the four pillars of digital literacy, which is one of the ministry's strategic programs.

"We try to build digital culture by carrying out digital literacy (program)," he said.

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Translator: Livia K, Kenzu
Editor: Sri Haryati
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