Samarinda, East Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The East Kalimantan Provincial Government has prepared eight development priorities for 2024-2026 that are closely related to the development planning of the Central Government in making IKN Nusantara a success.

Regional Secretary of the East Kalimantan Provincial Government Sri Wahyuni expressed hope that all parties, especially regional apparatus organizations within the provincial government, would adjust the direction of the intended development priorities.

"The eight development priorities have been presented at the East Kalimantan Provincial Government Leadership Meeting (Rapim) to all regional apparatuses," Sri Wahyuni noted in Samarinda, Friday.

The development priorities include increasing the competitiveness of human resources that drive employment. This is deemed crucial since East Kalimantan Province has been designated as a location for IKN Nusantara.

The other development priority is to increase the degree of public health by optimizing hospital services and other health facilities.

"Through this development priority, health services to the community are very important, especially preventing an increase in the number of stunting cases in East Kalimantan," she stated.

In addition, strengthening economic transformation efforts through vertical and horizontal diversification in leading sectors, strengthening infrastructure to support economic development and basic services, and improving the quality of life of the poor, especially alleviating extreme poverty, are the other development priorities.

"These three priorities are really needed, so that people's economic growth will get better on the Etam Continent (East Kalimantan's nickname)," she affirmed.

Furthermore, the other development priorities encompass improving the quality of the environment in a sustainable manner and increasing professional and accountable regional governance to support the transformation of public services.

"We hope that all of these priorities can provide great value for the community," Sri Wahyuni affirmed.

As a province designated as a location for IKN, she affirmed that increasing regional readiness, as an IKN partner, by optimizing cooperation is of utmost importance.

"Thus, (through enhancing cooperation among) all parties, including all OPDs, work programs built can be directed to support the development of IKN," she remarked.

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Translator: Arumanto, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
Editor: Sri Haryati
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