…I remind you to repair the used land. Do not just leave the land. I will check it one by one.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has said that he will check whether mining companies have repaired the land used for their mining activities.

He delivered the remarks at the Environment, Climate, Forestry, New Renewable Energy (LIKE) Festival at the Indonesia Arena, Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, on Monday.

"To any representative from the mining company attending this event, I remind you to repair the used land. Do not just leave the land. I will check it one by one," he emphasized.

He said there is a new regulation from the Minister of Environment and Forestry (LHK) that requires every mining company to have a nursery center.

"Every mining company must have a nursery center. If the mining activity is finished in one land, the company must immediately plant it to avoid further environmental damage. It is mandatory. The LHK Ministry had just issued the regulation," he added.

The world is currently shifting toward a green economy. Furthermore, all countries are focusing on the green economy because they are afraid of changes in the climate, he said.

"Once again, we are in the process of transition toward a green economy. In all countries, waste is recycled, the production of green industrial products is being pursued, and projects on electric vehicles are being started," he pointed out.

The head of state said many countries are already using biodiesel and bioethanol. Meanwhile, Indonesia is also starting a battery industry for electric vehicles.

"We do not want to lose the opportunity to build the electric vehicle battery industry. Because we have the raw materials here, such as nickel, cobalt, and manganese," he added.

He then asked mining companies, including companies mining raw materials for electric batteries, to comply with the obligation to repair used mining land, in accordance with the regulation of the LHK Ministry.

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