The local workforce increased by 200 people from 1,800 local workers in May 2023.
Penajam Paser Utara, E Kaliman (ANTARA) - Labor absorption in the infrastructure development project in the new national capital Nusantara in Penajam Paser Utara district, East Kalimantan, has continued to grow to reach 9,976 workers.

"Labor absorption in the Nusantara city infrastructure development has continued to increase," deputy of social, cultural, and community development at the Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN) Alimuddin informed here on Thursday.

As per the Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry's records, the number of workers engaged in Nusantara's development has currently reached 9,976, an increase of 3,276 from 6,700 in May 2023, he said.

At least 2 thousand of the 9,976 workers are from Penajam Paser Utara and other areas of East Kalimantan, he disclosed.

The remaining 7,976 workers are from outside the province.

According to Alimuddin, local workers must be prepared and involved in jobs in the Nusantara project.

"The local workforce increased by 200 people from 1,800 local workers in May 2023," he informed.

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He said that OIKN has continued to increase the capacity of local human resources in order to meet the requirements in various fields.

He explained that quality human resources must be prepared since investors and implementing contractors need certified workers.

A number of development projects have been initiated in Nusantara since September 2022. Another phase of projects will start in early 2024, and the need for manpower will continue to grow, Alimuddin said.

Earlier, the OIKN stated that at least 16 thousand workers are needed to accelerate the construction of the new national capital.

Alimuddin invited communities living around Nusantara to attend entrepreneurial training to prepare for the rapid development of the new capital.

The government has opened bread and pastry, fish-processing, batik making, and sewing adult women's clothing workshops for residents living around the project area among other things.

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