Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita assured the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that Indonesia's membership would provide benefits, including expanding the organization's global reach to Southeast Asia.

Minister Kartasasmita conveyed this during his meeting with OECD Secretary General Mathias Cormann during a series of working visits to France and Japan on October 2-6.

The meeting was a follow-up to the Indonesian government's efforts to become a new member of this cross-border economic forum.

"We are aware of the role of the OECD as an international organization that aims to create policies and develop international standards to encourage prosperity, equality, opportunity, and prosperity in social, economic, and environmental aspects," he noted in a statement here on Thursday.

Kartasasmita affirmed that Indonesia's membership in the OECD would be highly strategic and provide benefits for both parties.

For Indonesia, its membership in the OECD can accelerate Indonesia's economic transformation in order to achieve national strategic goals. Meanwhile, for the OECD, Indonesia's membership in the organization will provide a wider global reach, especially in the Southeast Asian region.

"We understand that there is an accession process that must be fulfilled by Indonesia to join the OECD. Therefore, we really appreciate your visit to Indonesia in August 2023 to meet the president of the Republic of Indonesia and several fellow ministers to discuss this matter," the minister stated.

As of 2023, the OECD has 38 member countries. The Indonesian government sought support from OECD member countries and the OECD secretary general to support Indonesia's accession to the international organization.

The decision to possibly open the process for Indonesia's accession to become a member will be decided at the OECD Council meeting in December 2023 or January 2024.

"We request a response from the OECD regarding the position of OECD member countries, in general, regarding Indonesia's intentions as well as the progress of Indonesia's accession process," the minister stated.

Kartasasmita said that it was not easy to become an OECD member, like Costa Rica, Colombia, and others, which required an accession process of around three to seven years.

Indonesia is targeting completion of the accession process in less than four years. In order to achieve this target, the Indonesian government has formed a national committee tasked with identifying policy gaps, several sectors, and issues that can be resolved quickly.

"We note that in implementing the accession process, Indonesia must fulfill recommendations and align several national regulations to comply with OECD standards," the minister stated.

"Indonesia has harmonized 15 of the 200 OECD standards. We also ask for suggestions regarding efforts that need to be made by Indonesia, especially in the industrial sector, to speed up the alignment process with OECD instruments," he remarked.

Kartasasmita further stated that Indonesia has made significant progress in various fields, including the development of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

If the OECD and Indonesia collaborate in fighting climate change, both parties will be able to benefit from knowledge and ideas about the most effective methods for doing so.

Geographically, Indonesia also has an important role in global trade circulation, as it bridges the route between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. This allows Indonesia to play an important role in the distribution of goods across the world.

Due to the positive impact of this, Indonesia has established itself as an important actor in regional economic interconnection and cooperation.

"With the increasing trade and investment relations as a direct impact of this cooperation, OECD members, who collaborate with Indonesia, can benefit from expanding global reach and trade possibilities as a direct impact of strengthening trade and investment relations," the minister stated.

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