Jakarta (ANTARA) - Communication and Information Minister Budi Arie Setiadi has reaffirmed his support for the growth of digital business actors, including micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), through three programs based on entrepreneurial development.

"The ministry continues to support MSMEs in Indonesia. First, we initiated MSME Level Up, a mentoring and facilitation program for MSMEs in order to go online through digital mentoring and business incubators," he said in a statement released by his ministry in Jakarta on Thursday (October 5).

The ministry is also continuing to support the Proud of Indonesian Products National Movement (Gernas BBI), which has helped 22 million MSMEs prepare for the digital ecosystem, Setiadi said.

In order to equip MSME actors with digital entrepreneurship skills and expertise, it has also organized a Digital Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) under the Digital Talent Scholarship (DTS) Program.

"In 2023, we will have reached 30 thousand business actors to be given digital skills training," he said.

Earlier, at the opening ceremony of the Special National Conference (Munassus) of the National Entrepreneurs Network (JAPNAS), which was attended by administrators and members, Minister Setiadi shared six strategies to accelerate digital transformation in the business sector.

First, mapping business strategies related to increasing organizational capabilities. Second, democratic company leadership and adjustments to internal corporate programs. Third, entrepreneurs need to involve digital technology experts, followed by developing human resource capacity.

And the fourth strategy is related to the implementation of good governance, which is expected to be reached via effective communication and involving multiple internal elements in making decisions.

"Fifth, an effective monitoring system for operations is also important to ensure the company is on the right track. Lastly, the use of digital technology must be relevant to the company's needs and goals," the minister added.

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