Mundu Pesisir Village in Cirebon holds International Kite Festival

Mundu Pesisir Village in Cirebon holds International Kite Festival

Some participants fly kites in the International Kite Festival in Mundu Pesisir Village in Cirebon, West Java, on Saturday (October 7, 2023). (ANTARA/Fathur Rohman)

Cirebon, West Java (ANTARA) - Mundu Pesisir Village in Cirebon, West Java, is hosting the 2023 International Kite Festival on October 7-8 at the Muara Mundu Marine Tourism Park.

Chief of Mundu Pesisir Village, Khaerun, stated here on Saturday that kite players from several Asian countries, such as Lebanon, Malaysia, and Singapore, participated in the event.

"The infrastructure and facilities in our village are very supportive. This is the first time an international event is held in our village," he remarked.

He explained that the festival offered the right momentum to introduce various tourism potentials in Mundu Pesisir Village.

"This event can have a positive impact on the local economy," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Acting Chairperson of the Indonesian Kite Association (Pelangi) Sari Madjid explained that the festival, held for the foremost time in Cirebon, was the first step for organizing a larger event.

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According to Madjid, the Mundu Pesisir Village is a suitable location to fly large kites sized between six meters and 30 meters.

"The wind here is quite stable, and the direction is not towards the sea. We had tried (flying kites) yesterday," she remarked.

On the first day of the festival, the event committee prepared several stones and sandbags to tie the kite threads.

"We also prepared a car at the corner where we can tie the threads, as we cannot hold it. We also prepared some stones and sandbags to tie the threads," she remarked.

Despite having supporting wind conditions, she stated that the location is small, thereby making it impossible to fly several kites at the same time. However, she ensured that the condition did not dampen the enthusiasm of participants and the local community.

"The challenge is that the location is too small, but we can still fly large kites," she remarked.

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