We invite all vehicle owners in Greater Jakarta to have their vehicles to undergo the emission tests
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta Air Pollution Control Task Force expanded access to emission tests to make it easier for people to test their vehicles' engine exhaust.

The Jakarta Environment Agency, which is involved in the emission test program, collaborated with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to provide training for emission test technicians in Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Botabek).

"Some 140 of the 234 workshops (in Botabek) have the (emission) test tools, so that residents can get emission test services easier," a spokesperson for the Jakarta Air Pollution Control Task Force, Ani Ruspitawati, confirmed here on Saturday.

The training, which took place from August 22 to October 11 involved a total of 449 participants from 234 workshops and eight provincial and district and city environmental offices in West Java and Banten.

"We invite all vehicle owners in Greater Jakarta to have their vehicles to undergo the emission tests," Ruspitawati remarked.

In collaboration with the Greater Jakarta Police, the Jakarta provincial government will again next month impose the policy for issuing fines for owners of vehicles that have not or do not pass the emission test.

"Regarding the emission test fines, we have coordinated with the Traffic Directorate and planned to impose the fine again in early November in several points," Ruspitawati stated earlier at the Jakarta City Hall on Friday (October 6).

Earlier, the Greater Jakarta Police stopped the emission test fine, as it was considered a burden to the community.

The police then prioritized persuasive and educational approaches in urging residents to routinely maintain their vehicles and ensure that their vehicles' exhaust gas productions do not cause air pollution.

As of October 20, over 1.1 million four-wheeled vehicles and 123,090 motorcycles in Jakarta have undergone emission tests.

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