Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned hospital holding PT Pertamina Bina Medika Indonesia Healthcare Corporation (IHC) is transforming healthcare services by utilizing the digital ecosystem, its medical director said on Monday.

"The use of digital ecosystems can enhance business innovation and competitiveness in the healthcare sector," said IHC's medical director, Lia Gardenia Partakusuma.

She explained that the digital ecosystem in the healthcare sector encompasses a network of interconnected technologies, devices, and stakeholders working together to provide comprehensive and seamless healthcare services.

Some technologies related to the digitization of health services include electronic medical records (e-medical records), the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable devices, and telemedicine.

Partakusuma mentioned challenges in digitizing healthcare, including issues like interoperability, security, and complex regulations.

She emphasized that the use of digital ecosystems could help resolve these challenges by securely connecting and coordinating healthcare systems and data.

IHC has implemented several digital solutions in healthcare services, such as IHC Telemed, a telemedicine app that allows patients to consult doctors online.

The app enables users to book polyclinic services, look up doctor schedules, reserve emergency rooms, opt for home care, and sign up for IHC screening.

IHC Telemed also facilitates patient-to-doctor and doctor-to-doctor services, Partakusuma added.

The app serves as a key component of the digital ecosystem, increasing access to quality health services for communities residing in remote and underdeveloped areas.

"IHC Telemed offers various supporting features, such as chat, video call, and file sharing," Partakusuma explained. "These features simplify patient consultations, polyclinic reservations, and access to other health information."

To date, IHC Telemed has served over 1 million patients and has been implemented in 36 IHC Group hospitals. The app provides consultations with more than 1,100 general practitioners, specialists, sub-specialists, general dentists and specialists, and psychologists.

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