Jakarta (ANTARA) - Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin said he issued Attorney General Instruction (INSJA) No. 6 of 2023 concerning Optimizing the Prosecutors' Role in Supporting and Succeeding the Implementation of General Elections in 2024.

"INSJA No. 6 of 2023 is to optimize the prosecutors' role in supporting and succeeding the implementation of the 2024 General Elections," Burhanuddin stated in a working meeting with the House of Representatives (DPR).

At the meeting with the House, he discussed preparations for security and law enforcement for next year's election.

He remarked that the INSJA was issued as a step to anticipate the abuse of law enforcement as a tool of practical political activities in the upcoming elections.

"Also as a form of commitment to the implementation of the Attorney General's Memorandum No. 127 concerning efforts to minimize the impact of law enforcement on the implementation of the 2024 General Elections," he remarked.

He also noted that INSJA is a form of commitment to the implementation of the Attorney General's Memorandum No. 128 concerning optimizing the role of prosecutors' intelligence during the elections.

In the INSJA, he encouraged the Prosecutors (Adhyaksa) Corps to take action in accordance with their respective duties, functions, and authorities in supporting the elections.

Burhanuddin said his side will map out potential threats, disturbances, obstacles, and challenges that can potentially cause electoral crimes.

Burhanuddin affirmed that through INSJA, he called on his ranks to conduct early detection and early prevention as well as find mitigation steps to solving potential electoral crimes.

Furthermore, he ordered the ranks of the Special Crime and the Intelligence Division of the Prosecutor's Office to postpone the examination of alleged corruption crimes involving election candidates until the election is over.

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