Neutrality is certainly a main issue, so we are serious about implementing it
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin here on Thursday stressed the Prosecutors Corps' commitment to remaining neutral during the 2024 General Elections.

"The Prosecutor's Office will continue to uphold neutrality in supporting and succeeding the elections in 2024," he said during a working meeting with the House of Representatives. The meeting discussed security and law enforcement preparations for next year's election.

Burhanuddin asserted that his side is very serious about maintaining neutrality during the elections.

"Neutrality is certainly a main issue, so we are serious about implementing it," he said.

However, the commitment of the corps to upholding neutrality has not been limited to the 2024 elections alone, he pointed out.

He said that he had issued a letter instructing his ranks to maintain neutrality in the 2020 simultaneous regional elections as well.

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"We issued Attorney General Letter No. B009, (dated) June 4, 2020, regarding the neutrality of employees in the Prosecutor's Office during the stages of regional elections," he added.

Burhanuddin said that he has consistently reminded his staff to maintain neutrality by not siding with any parties or candidates.

"All members of the corps need to maintain neutrality and not tarnish the dignity of the Prosecutor's Office by siding with certain candidates or groups. This is to ensure the direct, general, free, confidential, honest, and fair holding of elections," he added.

Burhanuddin informed that his side has allocated over Rp14 billion or US$899 thousand to support the upcoming elections.

The budget will be used for monitoring activities related to law enforcement and the legal services program during the elections.

The budget, he said, has been allotted to prosecutorial work units across Indonesia, ranging from the Attorney General's Office, the High Prosecutor's Office, and the District Attorney's Office and its branches.

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