Indonesia to raise three issues at 9th MIKTA Speakers' Consultation

Indonesia to raise three issues at 9th MIKTA Speakers' Consultation

House Speaker Puan Maharani at the 8th MIKTA Speakers’ Consultation in Istanbul, Turkey, on Thursday (March 9, 2023). ANTARA/HO-DPR RI.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The House of Representatives (DPR) will raise the three issues of multilateralism, inclusive recovery, and digital transformation at the 9th MIKTA Speakers' Consultation meeting in Jakarta, on Monday (November 20).

"Three priority areas during Indonesia's hosting of the MIKTA forum are strengthening multilateralism, inclusive recovery, and digital transformation. These are DPR's priority discussions in the MIKTA parliamentary consultation forum," House Speaker Puan Maharani remarked here on Saturday.

Through the 9th MIKTA Speakers' Consultation meeting in Jakarta, the DPR will bring together speakers of parliament from Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, and Australia.

Maharani explained that the meetings will be divided into three sessions, each of which with different themes.

In the first session, the speakers of parliaments of MIKTA countries will discuss global governance and how parliaments act, while the second session will deepen the commitment of countries to climate change.

Finally, in the third session, Maharani will lead a discussion that highlights the role of the younger generation.

She stated that the parliament speakers of MIKTA countries will also meet President Joko Widodo at the Merdeka Palace in addition to a tour of the Parliamentary Complex (MPR/DPR) Building.

On a separate occasion, Deputy Chairman of the DPR's Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Gilang Dhiela Fararez explained that the three main issues are all included in the event's main theme, namely "Strengthening Multilateralism, Addressing Intergenerational Challenges."

"Efforts to meet current needs must be carried out without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their basic needs," he remarked.

The meeting will also speak about issues related to artificial intelligence (AI).

"Currently, AI is becoming part of daily life and will have a significant role in the future. However, technological advances have negative impacts that must be anticipated together," he stated.

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