…according to the rules of the Geneva Convention and the San Remo Manual, a hospital ship should be painted in white.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Navy is painting its hospital ship KRI Dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat-992 white as part of preparations for its departure to safe waters near Gaza if the Egyptian government permits it.

During a press conference at the Navy's Military Sealift Command Headquarters here on Monday, chief of the Naval staff, Admiral Muhammad Ali, said that the Navy is not only preparing the hospital ship, but also logistics such as medicines.

"Now, the hospital ship is docking for white painting because, according to the rules of the Geneva Convention and the San Remo Manual, a hospital ship should be painted white. This is being prepared," Ali said in response to a question from ANTARA.

If Indonesia obtains permission from the Egyptian government, then KRI Dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat-992 will sail immediately.

"We are waiting for permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is in contact with the Egyptian government, and this is for humanity," Ali informed.

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto first conveyed the plan to send the hospital ship after the release of the first phase of aid from Indonesia to Gaza on November 4, 2023.

Indonesia is coordinating with countries around Gaza, including Egypt, to get permission to sail the hospital ship to safe waters near Gaza, Subianto said.

"We will coordinate with the authorities there, especially Egypt and other countries, to allow the evacuation of victims. The Indonesian Military (TNI) is ready to send a hospital ship. It will stand by there to provide more assistance," he added.

Indonesia has offered the Palestinian Authority help in evacuating the victims of the war from Gaza and getting them treated at TNI-run hospitals.

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