We want more essential oil (brands) in Indonesia to grow…so that they can support Indonesian tourism.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy for marketing at the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, Ni Made Ayu Marthini, on Thursday said that her side is developing a "diplomatic scent" and is hoping to promote Indonesia's typical fragrances through "aroma diplomacy."

"Hopefully, this sensory charm will encourage tourists to feel the experience of authentic Indonesia directly," Marthini added here.

She said that the ministry is developing 'aroma diplomacy' to widen Indonesia's tourism appeal.

To develop the 'diplomatic scent,' the ministry is collaborating with one of the partner brands involved in the co-branding of Wonderful Indonesia.

Together with the brand, the ministry has launched a typical-Indonesian-scent essential oil named "Scent of Wonderful Indonesia."

"This collaboration is in the framework of making 'diplomatic scent' as a fragrant identity of Wonderful Indonesia, whose background is to build interest in Indonesian tourism," Marthini said.

She affirmed that the ministry is committed to helping local brands grow big in Indonesia and supporting business development in the fragrance sector.

"We want more essential oil (brands) in Indonesia to grow. We want to develop them more broadly so that they can support Indonesian tourism," she said.

She explained that through the Wonderful Indonesia program, the government and 108 partner brands can promote and build a love for local products together.

Meanwhile, the government has three objectives for supporting tourism and creative economy actors, namely to make policies that support the players, to help them develop, and to be present for them.

"Therefore, the brands can grow and they can have an impact on the labor sector. We want Wonderful Indonesia to be more than just a logo, but, it must be lived from culture, scent, and hospitality, which is in accordance with the spirit of Wonderful Indonesia," Marthini added.

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